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Elton John Apparently Spent $450k dollars on Flowers in 20 Months

Elton John Spends a lot of money on flowers: During a lawsuit against his management firm & accountants, Elton John revealed that during a period of 20 months he apparently spent almost a half million dollars on flowers.

Elton added, “Well, I like flowers. I don’t have anyone to leave it to. I’m a single man. I like spending money.”

True, and when celebrities leave their fortunes to their cats people label them as “crazy” anyway, so I guess it’s one of those catch-22’s.

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Spending $450k on flowers Is only crazy in a relative way (it’s like playing the piano in a dog suit, really)

I guess everything is relative though; so, when you consider that the $450k spent on fresh flowers was less than 1% of his total spending ($60 million) during the 20-months in question, it makes sense. (sort of?) 

Hmmm… So, when you do the math, that works out to about $900 a day on fresh flowers. Well, at least he didn’t spend that much money on fruit bouquets, because that fruit would really start to pile up, and would probably attract a LOT of ants.

Mighty Flowers Could Have Saved Elton John Over $112k On Flowers

Anyway, having heard of Elton’s lavish spending on flowers, we wonder why he didn’t take advantage of our coupons while racking up his credit card bills?

Consider that a 20% off coupon for FTD or similar coupon for ProFlowers would have saved him about $90k during those months. The current 25% off coupon for 1800Flowers would have allowed him to pocket over $112k on flower deliveries.

That’s enough money to buy something much less frivolous, like a whole bunch of those Swarovski crystal-encrusted cat doors that I’ve had my eye on. (Or, perhaps a three-story catio with a nice garden-view?)

swarovski studded cat door

A lot of fresh flowers = a lot of airlines miles

During the court proceedings, it was also revealed that on average Elton charged about $400k a month on his credit card; I don’t want to even think about how many airline miles he could have racked up during that time. (apparently he flies by jet)


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