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1800flowers International Delivery: 15% Off Coupon

1800flowers logoCoupon for 1800flowers international shipping: Did you know that 1800flowers ships world-wide? Now you can pick a country and instantly see a great selection of bouquets and gift ideas to send. Make sure you use one of our featured coupons to save up to 30%!

1800flowers send international coupon

Does 1800flowers ship to other countries?

Yes, they do! It’s a snap to send flowers to Europe, South America, or any other continent (not covered in ice). When you go to their international shipping page, just select a country, and see the election of flowers available for delivery.

Usually there’s a good selection, but not all plants, fruit bouquets, and flowers available on the U.S. site are available in other countries.

1800flowers: The most popular countries to send flowers to – Austalia, the UK, Germany, Italy, & More

Although you can choose from a plethora of countries to ship to, there are a number of popular ones including the following top 10:

  1. Australia
  2. Canada
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Germany
  5. Italy
  6. Phillipines (where the Christmas season starts early!)
  7. France
  8. Japan
  9. Mexico
  10. Spain

1800flowers international delivery

Tips for International Delivery from 1800flowers.com

If you’re going to send flowers internationally, consider this:

  • Be aware of time zone differences between you and the country that you are sending them to. For that reason, same-day international shipping requires that you order before today’s deadline
  • Check to see whether any holidays in that country (that affect the business hours of local florists / post office) that could impact your delivery date
  • Aim to have the flowers arrive a couple of days before they are really needed so you don’t miss an important date, birthday, or anniversary
  • Double-check that you have the correct international address and spelling. You can use the post office’s address lookup to verify

1800flowers fields of europe

Sending flowers Internationally to a business address? Know your international customs

Be mindful of international customs and traditions, especially if you are sending them to a business relation. Did you know that in Russia or Germany you shouldn’t send red flowers unless you are expressing romantic interest? Also, in Mexico yellow flowers may be seen as bad luck, as they are reserved for funerals.

Note that while popular items like sympathy flowers can usually be sent, you are going to be limited on items like fruit bouquets. Also, consider using a coupon for 1800 flowers for up to a 20% discount on your order. There may be some restrictions depending on your destination, but definitely worth the effort!

How Much Does 1800flowers charge for international shipping?

It looks like for popular foreign countries, including the UK, the shipping cost / service charge is the same as for a domestic order. ($15-18 U.S.) The higher shipping rate is charged for orders over about $80.

The same 1800flowers coupons work for international shipping

Have no fear, the top promo codes that work for American / domestic orders also work for other countries. That means there’s no reason not to use our featured coupon, or a number of others that can save you up to 30% on your order!

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