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1800flowers logo1800Flowers Fruit Bouquets are a great gift idea when you want to send something a little different and surprising. Not only do they look beautiful, but they taste delicious. Use a coupon or promo code from our 1800flowers coupon page for up to 20% off your order of fruit, or site-wide at 1800flowers.com!

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After Edible Arrangements made a splash a number of years ago, Fruit bouquets and baskets have become really popular. They also have a wide selection of chocolate covered fruit, like cherries, raspberries, bananas, pears, and more. They have also been featured more than once as a deal of the week at 1800flowers, at up to a 40% discount.

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1800flowers fruit bouquet


Sometimes sending a bouquet of flowers is your best option, but if you’re looking for something fun and different, consider sending a fruit arrangement instead. While fruit might not be the best thing to send to someone in the hospital by themselves, consider a fruit bouquet anywhere where there is a gathering of people. These would also be worth considering instead of sending sympathy flowers, or even for birthdays.

1800flowers fruit bouquets

Fruit Bouquets Bring People Together Like a Box of Baby Squirrels

You all know the feeling when someone walks into a room with a box of fluffy little baby squirrels with big, round eyes, right! It’s a little bit like that with fruit bouquets, except, unlike the aforementioned baby squirrel scenario, people are free to eat the fruit.

Best of all, you don’t have to worry about weird Uncle Gary (all hopped-up on a toxic mixture of Starbucks coffee and nitrous) picking up one of the baby squirrels, thinking it’s a Royal Riviera pear, and biting it’s head off to the screams of children. I’m not even going to get into what happens next, when Uncle Gary goes around the room shaking the headless squirrel body at the kids; dousing them in blood and “baptizing” them in the name of some obscure Pagan Fertility God, but you know what I’m talking about. 

Consider Sending Fruit Bouquets to Groups of 6 or more: Offices, Parties, Holidays, or Shiva

So, maybe a fruit basket isn’t the best gift to send to someone who lives a lonely, unabomber-like existence. Really, it’s not practical to think that one or two people could eat one of these.

There are so many times when these would be a great option, so any time you picture more than about 6 people coming together, start thinking of how they could share one of these. Sending one of these to someone’s office will give people a reason to crowd around it and ask, “wow, who sent you this!?”

1800flowers fruit bouquets

Note that fruit baskets are not available in every area, so when you click over to 1800flowers.com, you’ll be asked to enter in your zip code for availability.

Fruit + Flowers + Fun = Fruit Bouquets

I’ve been sending pears from Harry and David (get coupon) for years, and people love them. However, last year when I knew that my Mom’s side of the family was all getting together on Christmas Eve (15+ people), I figured this would be a fun, new gift idea. While 9 pears are hard to share, a fruit bouquet is a fun thing to set up in the middle of a table to all pick at. A piece or slice of fruit is also a much more manageable commitment than a pear the size of a man’s fist!

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