1800flowers Coupons & Promotion Codes

1800flowers logo1800Flowers coupons: Fresh bouquets and plants make a great gift for any occasion, but don’t pay full-price.

Use a coupon or promotional code for a 15-30% discount or even free shipping (seasonal) at 1800flowers.com

1800flowers special codes

Most promo codes are obvious on the landing pages at 1800flowers.com

The good thing is that after you click on a promotion, you’ll be taken to specific landing page that shows you the code & details of the offer. When you go over to their site from ours, you should get an obvious message confirmation like this:

coupon code applied 1800flowers

You’ll also have the option to see the “offer details,” which include the coupon expiration, order requirements, and terms of the deal.

So, Where Do You Enter a Coupon Code?

You might find that the code is automatically applied in your cart, but if not, you’ll need to enter your code manually at checkout.

After entering in all of your billing and shipping info, you’ll see a final checkout screen like this:

1800flowers enter promo code

In the “payment details” section you’ll see an area that says, “If you have a promotion code, please click here.” When you do, a text field (magically?) opens, and you can type in your code. Click apply, and you’ll see whether it’s valid.

Help: 1800flowers coupon code is not working

1800flowers coupon not workingThere area number of reasons why a coupon code might not work, so try having a backup. Two of the most common reasons for this are that the code has expired or there is a minimum order required.

Also, the codes from 1-800-flowers are usually pretty straigh-forward, but known to contain both zeros and o’s, so if you get a promotional code above, try selecting and copying the code if it’s long or confusing.

The final common reason for a code not to work is that it may be good towards a specific selection of flowers like, roses, birthday bouquets, or their Valentine’s Day collection.

1800flowers roses coupon

Does 1800flowers ever offer free shipping/ no service charge?

1800flowers logoActually, sometimes free delivery is available! This usually happens before big flower-sending holidays like Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day, but the selection that ships free might be limited.

So, what’s the catch? Usually to qualify for free shipping you must choose a delivery date just before the actual holiday, and you probably have to exceed a $50+ minimum order requirement. Free shipping with no minimum is very rare.

Why is that? The reason is that they have to pay a “service charge” to their local florists to ship their flowers. That’s why you’ll usually see a $15-18 service charge even though the actual shipping is listed as “free” at checkout.

At checkout they also offer a “Celebrations Passport,” among all of their brands (Harry and David, Cheryl’s, Wolferman’s etc) for free shipping for a year for about $30. You’re right, it’s not exactly “free,” but if you place 3 or more orders at 1800flowers or their other brands during the course of the year, you come out ahead.

lilies 1800flowers

What is the best coupon for 1800flowers?

The answer to that depends on your exact order total. There are usually at least one “percentage off” and “dollar off” code available, so jot them both down to compare at checkout. Based on today’s promotions, you’d want to compare their 15% off no minimum coupon with their $10 off $60 code. Any time you see a free delivery offer, that’s going to be your best bet, as it can save you $15.

Up to a 30% Discount With Visa, MasterPass or other featured checkout options

Also note that they run promotions from various credit card companies that want you to use their checkout option to pay. The most common ones are Visa checkout and MasterPass from Master card, which can give you up to a 30% discount!